Unforgotten Quest

Getting caught up

It’s been awhile since I made a blog. I failed you guys on promising to stay transparent with the project. When planning this game, I thought about every possible issue I could run into. I knew that at the end of the day, if I had to do everything myself I could, and while that’s still the case I did not take into account how much stress and burden it would be if it were to come to that. Smaller teams are very powerful because there is less diplomacy and more action. I know we have all seen small teams put out amazing indie games or movies and wondered why the big guys take so long. The major problem with smaller teams is what happens when someone on that team has a personal issue that takes them away from the project or when you lose people critical to it’s success and have to completely refocus and replan everything. While I have no problem sharing my life with you guys for the most part, I do not like speaking on behalf of others. At this time all I can really tell you is late last August, I went through the hardest time in my life. I wasn’t really fully myself again until a few months ago and even then things still suck. If you watch my youtube or streams, you may or may not have noticed a change in my behavior. I have a tendency when I’m depressed to make fun of myself. This video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV0uH3TKbOs) may seem innocent and fun, but I made it in tears that day. It sucked. I’m not trying to be mysterious about this, the reason I haven’t posted a blog in ages is simply because I don’t want to talk or share anything of my personal life at this time with the public and have it be the talking point. All I ask is for your understanding that sometimes life sucks and I needed a breather from Unforgotten Quest to get myself back on track and to respect that privacy.


Frostcrag Caverns Mockup


As for the project, if all I had in my life to work with was the original kickstarter money, this project would have to be scraped or at the very least dumbed down to mediocrity to be able to just release it. I was lucky however, to have other sources of income which I had worked hard to build up after the Kickstarter launched. My original plan was to keep doing Youtube as a means to stay relevant in the public eye, these days we have indie games come out every day and by the time I release, just getting noticed would be difficult, let alone selling a product. I have talked about my ideas of self marketing and insure had the connections in youtube to market to a large audience. It’s a lot easier to get your game out there when you are friends with enough people to reach 100 million youtube subscribers.


Moonwell Pass Art Assets


So where does that leave the game right now? Delayed for sure, but still being worked on. While programming has been for the most part halted since last August, artwork, sound and design has not. The reason programming has come to a break is due to the fact we are moving over to Unity. For those who didn’t know, the language I program in is a little bit dated from the rest of the world, and after bringing Nisovin on the team, he has talked me into stepping outside my comfort zone so we can move to a much more powerful and easier to support platform. Nisovin and I are planning to start working on Unforgotten Quest in September, reason being we also work on other projects like PlayMindcrack and summer is going to be a busy time for us that we don’t want to start until we clean our plate with projects we have had sitting on it for far too long.


Eldin Mockup

I understand to some of you this is not acceptable. I’m juggling too much at once.  For those of you with no interest in my youtube projects, my minecraft work, or even Unforgotten Realms the show anymore and are just looking for the game I promised… all I can ask for your understanding that I am working 6-7 days a week to ensure not only is completed, but the game I want it to be. I was optimistic with my timeline and when my personal life took a turn for the worse last year, I was unable to juggle all my projects and had to let this one go cold while I got my life back together. I will be posting blogs every month to talk about different parts of the game. A lot has changed with some of the fundamentals and ideas that those nerdy enough to be entertained by stats and game theory will enjoy. The next blog won’t be too far off because I would much rather talk about the game then explaining my absence.


The town for the Gnomes who live in Mt. Norrington Mockup.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support on this game. Things are in no way turning out as I have planned them, but I hope I can get us back on track and can give you guys a better time line of what to expect after summer.